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Yapanner is a programming agency based in Varazdin, Croatia. We are composed of creative designers and experienced developers.

We implement Smartstore webshop solutions tailored to the client.


What Do We Do.

Smartstore is the leading open source commerce platform in the ASP.NET world, offering B2B, B2C as well as enterprise marketplace solutions.
We implement Smartstore webshop solutions to fully adapt to your needs and desires.

For this purpose, we have experts from various fields so that your final product can be modern and in line with all today's standards.


A brand is essentially a promise a company makes to its consumers. Your brand not only gives your buyers a way to remember you, but it also creates an identity for your business and sets you apart from competitors. If you feel that your current brand does not meet the above expectations in the right way, please contact us with confidence.

UI/UX Design

Although the SmartStore webshop offers a beautifully designed and functional user interface and experience, if you need to tailor it to your needs, the brand and the feeling of your customers, we will be happy to do it for you. We will take the best from your world, well presented in the SmartStore interface.

UI/UX Implementation

In this important part of the process, we transfer the approved design to the SmartStore webshop solution. In fact, we give the SmartStore system your flair. Every product, news, button or option is displayed in a way that reflects you, your essence, and all in the direction of creating satisfied customer.
A loyal customer.

ERP Integrations

Nowadays, as we strive to automate business processes, a serious webshop is unthinkable without integration with the company's business processes. We have extensive experience with integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, but we are happy to adapt, regardless of the type of system you use. Products, users, orders simply have to be connected! That is essential.

Additional plugin development

It is very important to integrate the webshop with different Payment Gateways, speed up the processes by integrating with delivery services. Here we come to Plugins. SmartStore is wonderfully modular and multi-layered and can be enhanced (beside by intervening in the system core) via plugins that can be further used for other various projects. We can proudly say that we can develop a plugin that will bind to SmartStore and meet all the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Connect to Payment Gateway systems of any kind, delivery services with our tailored plugins.

Data migration

Migrating data from an existing system is actually a very sensitive operation, which should be performed with extreme caution. Of course, at the lowest possible cost. Given the extensive experience in migration and the importance of this operation, we offer you this option to make the transition to the new system as painless as possible. We try to adapt the default data set to SmartStore capabilities that are extremely large and make this moment as simple as possible regardless of the amount of transferred data about products, users, categories and the like.
Data matters!

SEO Optimization

We help your webshop become more discoverable. When potential customers search terms related to your brand, they'll have a better chance of discovering your webshop and becoming a customer. The entire SmartStore is designed to be extremely SEO friendly and thus your webshop that becomes recognizable to customers.
Contact us with full confidence.
We do SEO in English and Croatian.


Use social media and social networks to market your products and services. Social media marketing provides you with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones while allowing you to promote yours desired culture, mission, or tone. We offer social media marketing management options for all popular social networks. We are also experts in creating blogs about your products, as a good way to reach new customers.


See Our Featured Projects.

We are proud to present the SmartStore implementations we have done, as well as special plugins for the SmartStore webshop and other projects. Non-nominal projects are for NDA reasons.

Importer and distributor company 1

Implementation of Smartstore as a multi shop with Microsoft NAV integration for on importer and distributor company in Croatia and 2 more countries.

Nobile Way

Front-end and back-office for the physical gold and silver sales business. Details

Importer and distributor company 2

Implementation of Smartstore as a multi shop with local ERP integration for on importer and distributor company in Croatia.

Dimension pricing plugin for Smartstore

Development of plugin for ordering and pricing products by dimensions and calculating shipping cost by dimensions and weight with optimal accommodation on a pallet or a container. Details.


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